jobNpart founder and principle architect Robert Smallwood studied Economics at University College London before starting a professional career in the City of London with Price Waterhouse moving from finance to management consultancy and finally business application consultancy focusing on SAP ERP CRM applications. A long time sportsman and athlete, Robert has been a competitive rower from a young age.

The idea for jobNpart originates from the recognition that the people who will benefit most from integrated business applications are the small business men and women who wear multiple hats and struggle everyday with their work life balance. Cloud business apps may have brought down the cost of business applications but typically they are functional and do not provide a full end to end process. jobNpart is designed to provide a fully integrated business application, to manage and provide automation for everyday job activities for the small business user.

jobNpart simplifies the end to end process for job management from new business job booking, job status management, parts procurement, invoicing and accounting. For the average business user the focus is on the ease of use, minimise training needs and to providing ease to use screens with minimal fields for data entry. The result is simplicity, ease of use, rapid and complete data entry, and minimisation of errors. As a complete solution jobNpart fully integrates communications: Telephone, email, sms web chat and websites.

Robert started his first business ROC in 1998 and successfully sold out to his partners in 2003. Subsequently he developed his Combine consultancy, travelling widely completing projects throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Caribbean and USA. He has worked widely across many industries for large enterprise and more recently with smaller and medium sized businesses.